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Scuola per l’Europa of Parma, the present for the future...





A school in agreement with the European school system.


The European Schools rid

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The spirit which animates the European Schools has been admirably expressed in the text of the scroll which was conserved within the first stone of the Luxemburg Schools, in Brussels, Mol, Varese and Karlsruhe, and which will likewise be built into the walls of all other European Schools.

This school will reunite, from the beginning of one’s scholastic career up until the beginning of University studies, children from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Luxemburg, and of other countries interested in the construction of a united Europe.

Each of these students will be able to gain from early childhood, even though under the tutelage of teachers from their own country for the study of their mother tongue, literature and national history, the practice of using other languages and the enjoyment of having a relationship with the various cultures that together form the European community.
Participating in the same games, taking part together in the same courses, boys and girls from different languages and nationalities will learn to get to know each other, to esteem each other, and live together.

Educated with each other, liberated since the youngest of ages from the prejudices which divide, introduced to the beauty and the value of different cultures, they will become conscious of and grow through their solidarity together. Whilst conserving the love and pride of their homeland, they will become, spiritually, European, ready to continue and consolidate the work undertaken by their forefathers for the creation of a Europe united and prosperous.

In his declaration on the 9th May 1950, Robert Schuman said: “Europe cannot be made all at once, nor all together in one whole; it will rise from separate concrete realizations that will create above all a common solidarity.”

The European School of Parma is also one of these concrete realizations for the “making” of Europe.
Another brick in the building of the people’s European home.

It can itself testify that the “diversity” in which it lives to promote its diverse cultures, alongside the harmonization of various study plans, programs, timetables, is possible as was in the dreams of Schuman, Adenauer, De Gasperi, Spinelli and Monet!


“The Director is pleased to inform that, for the new school year, students of secondary cycles (lower and upper) will be provided with free school diaries of the “Scuola per l’Europa”, including the book of absences . The information to receive the diaries will be given before the start of the academic year.”


"The Director informs that in the coming weeks the new web site of the Scuola per l'Europa will be published. New eatures will ensure a more effective and clear communication with the school community and the public".



Rettifica circolare incontri con i genitori ciclo secondario


Incontri con i genitori ciclo secondario - Meetings with parents secondary cycle - Entretiens avec les parents cycle secondaire


Incontri con i genitori cicli materno e primario- Meetings with parents- Entretiens avec les parents


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